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League Feedback

As you are all aware we have been working very hard to encourage league bowling at Grantham Bowl.  It is lovely when we get some great comment back.  Please see below a glowing report we received from Dave Tagg that is to be published in Talk Tenpin!

"It is well over a year now since Grantham Bowl changed hands from being owned and run by Tenpin Ltd to being independently owned by Albert and Karen Slator, who own several other leisure establishments in Lincolnshire.

New to the bowling industry, they consulted with several local bowlers to understand what is needed to run a successful bowling centre.

A lot of investment then took place, the bar, eating area and reception were revamped, incorporating a 1950's American theme, but more importantly the old wooden lanes were ripped out and new synthetic lanes laid, these were quickly followed by a new modern lane conditioner.

Slowly but surely the scores, which had suffered due to inconsistent conditions, began to improve and now all leagues have some bowlers averaging over 200.

The bowl can now confidently hold tournaments and in March this year the Lincolnshire Senior County Championships were held at Grantham for the first time in many years and April 25th/26th the BTBA PTBC tour are holding the Grantham Fives.

On Thursday 9th April the first 300 game for several years was bowled by Matt Curtis in the Thursday Doubles, unfortunately for him it is and unsanctioned league.  He went on to take the series house record with a 772.

So thanks to Albert and Karen, the staff and management, Grantham Bowl is a place where bowling comes first."
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